So You Have An EMR. What's Next?

Time to Connect and Exchange Data.

For Providers

Better Health Decisions

According to the American Journal of Managed Care, a visit to the doctor takes an average of 121 minutes of the patient’s time. A good chunk of that time involves interaction with your medical staff which can in turn cause operational delays.

We want to help you leverage your patients’ relevant data by cutting down on administrative tasks so you can spend more time on patient care and less time on paperwork.

Patient care doesn’t stop at your organization’s door; you can empower your patients today with the ability to make informed decisions and be more proactive about their health using our customizable health record.

Find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Technology that enhances

MediPortal works with any EMR, many home care monitoring devices, and fitness trackers
Data can be sent and received from your existing EMR
Our system layers on top of existing infrastructure
Built on IHE interoperability standards; CDA, CCD, HL7, CDA-Dicom etc.
Use MediPortal’s PHR Exchange system as an internal data aggregator
Consolidate legacy document management, and medical record systems
Physician and Patient gateways, providing the information you want, when you need it
Available on the web, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
Ready for better workflow?
Instant patient consent through electronic request
A collaborative view of patients’ medical information
Access to patients’ records at any time
Secure communication with patients
Lower cost of Medical Records Department
Clinical knowledge base
Patient decision aid and other tools
Our safety measures include:
Proprietary consent engine for patients
Cutting edge data encryption technology
Encrypted and secure messaging system

Community of Care Providers

Creating a community of care providers is the next step to meaningful data exchange. This can be done in two ways: internally within your organization and with providers outside of your organization. With MediPortal you can create your own data exchange platform accessible by your staff and other providers.

Always have timely and relevant patient data
Decrease administrative delays
Increase quality of care with more informed decisions
Provider Chart
Find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Partners, Memberships and Compatible Systems

Health Story

CommonWell Health Alliance is devoted to the simple vision that health data should be available to individuals and providers regardless of where care occurs. Additionally, provider access to this data must be built-in health IT at a reasonable cost for use by a broad range of health care providers and the people they serve.

As a CommonWell contributing member, MediPortal is facilitating the creation and execution a vendor-neutral platform that breaks down the technological and process barriers that currently inhibit effective health data exchange. We are committed to defining and promoting a national infrastructure with common standards and policies.

MediPortal’s footprint continues to expand across the United States via the Commonwell Alliance. Currently the network reaches 54 million people with 2 million active users. We remain at the forefront and a direct advocate for education, ease of accessing health records, and true patient/provider engagement for the consumer population.

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